I am one of your constituents who is extremely upset about the decline of the political process in this country. This decline did not happen spontaneously during the last election cycle, but has been building up for a long time and is now glaringly obvious in the political manifestation of the pathological Trumpian personality. This outcome is the result of institutional failure which is rooted in the institution of election[i] and the resultant failure of the Congress to live up to its constitutional responsibilities and perform its corresponding duties. Article I of the Constitution consists of 10 sections over 11 pages. Article II consists of 4 sections over slightly more than 4 pages. Why is it that the powers enumerated in Section I have all been shifted over to Section II? In addition to its legislative duties, the Congress is supposed to act as a check on the irresponsible exercise of executive power. Why hasn’t it done so? If what we see emanating from the White House is not irresponsible executive behavior, then what do you call it? If the Congressional response is to do nothing but acquiesce and support the executive’s irresponsibility, then it is responsible for the result of that irresponsibility. Now is the time for every member of Congress to read Article I and seriously reflect upon what it requires them to do.


Rather than pester you every time a new insanity arises out of Washington, I want this letter to sever as an expression of my continuing concern. I realize that it is difficult to analyze and correct the cause of our decline when the focus is on the absurdities of the Trumpian personality and the latest tweet of the day. However, I hope that you can do whatever you can to get the Congress to live up to its constitutional responsibilities.

[i] www.ethicofcitizenship.com