The Decline of Political Discourse


John F. Kennedy 1963


Donald Trump 2017


The Making of Donald Trump



A Psalm of the Donald*


The Donald is our President; we do not want.

He scortheh our green forests; he fouleth our pure waters.

He destroyeth our unity; he leadeth us in the path toward dictatorship for his ego’s sake.

Yea though we desire peace and happiness, we fear great evil:

For he is with and amongst us, his rod and staff threaten us.

He prepareth a war before us in the presence of his enemies.

He anointest our heads with lies; we runneth from the truth.

Surely chaos and great trepidation shall follow us all the days of our lives,

And we shall be imprisoned in the Temple of Trump forever.


*Adapted from the King James version



Ballad of the Donald*


Oh the  mogul Donald Trump became our President

And he hailed from NYC

And to the corporations and the wealthy he gave everything

While they trumped our democracy; while they trumped our democracy.

And for all his properties he fought with all his might

For to wealth he was loyal and true,

And he deported all the non-whites that came within his sight

For he is a racist through and through.


Oh  Donald, the infamous Donald

Was a name known to shame in days of yore.

May it ever be notorious

Until the sun shall climb the heavens no more.


Oh the  Donald was the mogul who gave his name

To our capitol upon the hill

And the story of his treachery, duplicity and shame

Abides here among us still, abides here among us still.

Oh you may talk about your Reagans, Bushes and the rest

For the Republicans are forever dim

But give us our only Donald

He meets the meanness test.

To the end we will resist him.


Chorus 3X Loud  Soft Vigorous


* To  the tune of Lord Jeffery Amherst


Donald Trump: The Antithesis of Citizenship


Although this page is focused on Donald Trump, it is important to realize that what we are observing here is a severe symptom of a malignancy that has plagued our body politic for a very long time and may now be terminal. Like all cancers, it is next to impossible to trace the disease back to its origin. What we can say is that it started to accelerate with the election of Ronald Reagan in 1980 which initiated a general Republican attack upon the idea of government as an institution that serves the interests of its citizens which are natural persons. Instead government has become the playground for corporate entities to exert their economic power in their attempt to capture market share worldwide. The result has been the corruption and decline of the nation state as a viable political entity. The presidency of Donald Trump represents the anarchy and dystopia which are the final phases of this malignancy consuming its host, the body politic.